Christmas, 2012

Flowers consisted of traditional red poinsettias, around the nativity and in the shape of a tree.  Red berries topped the Christmas trees. Hanging vases with holiday flowers, including tulips and Stars of Bethlehem, graced the side doors.  A large arrangement of Christmas greenery and flowers was on the sideboard in the vestibule.

Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2012
More cedar and magnolia has been added to the progressive arrangement.


Third Sunday of Advent, 2012
On the Third Sunday of Advent, also called Gaudete Sunday, the rose colored candle is lit.  Gaudete means "rejoice".  The coming of the Lord is near.


Second Sunday of Advent, 2012
Our progressive arrangement has grown with the addition of more fresh cedar and magnolia leaves.
First Sunday of Advent, 2012
Once again, we have a progressive Advent arrangement.  As our anticipation for the birth of Christ grows, our arrangement grows during this Season of Advent.
Our Advent Wreath is a natural cedar wreath, hand constructed.